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The faculty of information technology – Vo Truong Toan University was established according to the Decision 154/QĐ-ĐHVTT-TC, the 1st of July in 2009. The number of staff at the beginning was 8, but took on a great duty in taking shape a strategy of developing information technology in managing and training for the whole university.


- In terms of training: Becoming a unit that can train information technology human resources who are rich in practical skills and real-life knowledge in order to develop the managing information system for the area’s offices and factories.

- In terms of developing the managing information system: Building the managing information system of Vo Truong Toan University into a typical system for the national education system.


1. Giving a multi-system training in information technology, electronics and communications. The levels of training consist of : university, college, two-year college, short-term vocational course up to 6 months, linking to train professional competence for businesses and company in the area.

2. Applied research of the process of technology, advanced techniques in information technology, open source software in order to produce software, information system and Internet system quickly according to various requirements of the users.


- In terms of training: Mastering theory, being proficient in practice, updating new technology.

- In terms of managing: Economical but efficient, leading in technology, using the open source software to the most.

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