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Functions and Duties
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  • Training medical staff with two-year college degree and regular and non-regular university degree who have good political qualities and virtues, health and ability to practice the job which corresponds with the  trained qualification, meeting the need of medical staff in taking care of, protecting and enhancing people’s health and who have the abilities to self-research and develop themselves.
  • Scientific research, technology development, combining training with scientific research, scientific services and medical technology in accordance with technology and science law, education law and other regulations of law.
  • Building up a force of officers and lecturers that are adequate and qualified and well-balanced in the qualification structure, majors, age and gender. Taking care of material and spiritual lives of officers, lectures and staff.
  • Developing and fostering talented people among students and lecturers. Organizing social activities that are suitable for majors and social needs for lecturers, officers, staff and students.
  • Establishing and developing the hospitals for practice, the service facility, scientific and technical departments which serve training, research and other duties according to the law.
  • Managing lecturers and students during their process of working or studying.
  • Building majors that are relevant to medicine.
  • Cooperating with other departments in the school with the assignments.
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