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Scholarship and welcome the new school year 2016 -2017

Scholarship and welcome the new school year 2016 -2017

October 20, 2016, Vo Truong Toan university officially awards Scholarship and welcomes the new school year 2016-2017. The ceremony recognizes the achievements of the school in the academic year 2015 - 2016 school year with many important tasks marking growth and development of a new paradigm in education and training of Vietnam and also sets the direction for the new academic year 2016 -2017.


A music show opens the scholarship award ceremony and welcomes the new school year 2016-2017

With an enhanced, confirmed and growing reputation, in the academic year 2016 - 2017, Vo Truong Toan University continues to welcome new students enrolling the school, including many students who achieve good results from national entrance exam of the government in 2016.


The school always creates conditions for students to nurture their dreams and ambitions with the goal of "Learning to" enrich "themselves to help our society". Actually learning is also the only path to develop" to highlighted the role and responsibilities of the position of each individual student to themselves and to society, in the process of building a Vietnam country "rich citizens, strong country, social justice, democracy, cultural intelligent ".


The school board and the delegates in the 9th freshmen welcome ceremony

In the ceremony beside the attendance of the university staff, lecturers and students, the school also honored to welcome Mr. Tran Cong Chanh - Provincial Committee Secretary Hau Giang; Mr. Dong Van Thanh - Member of Provincial Standing Committee, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Hau Giang Province; Nguyen Thanh Hai - Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Supporting Council for the South-western poor; Prof.. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Rector of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Prof. Nguyen Thi Song Ha - Head of Postgraduate from Ha Noi University of Pharmacy attended.


Dr Duong Dang Khoa., PH.D, Rector gave flowers, take souvenir photos with guest deputies


Assistant Professor, People’s doctor, Dr Truong Van Viet, Vo Truong Toan Deputy Rector Speeches  to welcome the new school year 2016 -2017


Dr .Le Ngoc Kinh, Vice Rector report summarizing the school year 2015 - 2016 and sets the direction for the new academic year 2016 - 2017

In the Occasion of the new academic year 2016 - 2017, Scholarship Fund of Vo Truong Toan University awards with the total amount of 400 million VND for outstanding students, each worth 30,000. 000 VND; each good school students overcoming difficulties are awarded 5,000,000 VND. Brightest Each Freshmen is awarded 10 million VND. Besides, the Supporting council for the Southwestern poor has awarded 100 study encouragement scholarships for students learning well, each worth 1,000,000 VND.


The School Board Award 10,000,000 VND for the first valedictorian in General Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics


Doctor. Duong Dang Khoa - Rector awarded scholarships worth 30,000,000 VND
for students achieving comprehensive excellence


Mr.Tran Cong Chanh, Hau Giang Secretary and Mr.Truong Van Viet, Assistant Professor, Ph.D, People’s doctor, vice rector, awarded scholarships worth 5,000,000VND for students achieving better learning to overcome difficulties


Prof, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Rector of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy awarded scholarships worth VND 1,000,000 for school students overcome poverty with good learning outcomes


Assistant Professor Dr. Nguyen Thi Song Ha - Head of Hanoi Medicine University’s Postgraduate department and Mr.Nguyen Thanh Hai, Permanent Vice Chairman of supporting council for the poor awarded scholarships worth 1,000,000 Dong for students with good learning to overcome poverty


Mr. Dong Van Thanh, member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Hau Giang Province speaks at the awarding scholarship ceremony and welcome the new school year 2016-2017 of Vo Truong Toan  University

Scholarship Award and Welcome 2016-2017 school year Ceremony will open a new school year with more success. Celebratory atmosphere and the excitement of the ceremony will inspire positive, new energy, new vitality and a all staff, faculty, students to accomplish missions of the new school year, in line with the new trend of modern education and help Vo Truong Toan University grow continuously in all aspects.


Dr. Duong Dang Khoa- Rector of Vo Truong Toan university enunciated and claimed welcoming the new school year 2016 – 2017.

Art performance is to welcome new students with the participation of the entertaining team, MC club - Vo Truong Toan University Model and well-known guest singers.


Phuong Thanh ( singer)


Khanh Phuong ( singer)


Khong Tu Quynh ( singer)


Huynh Lap ( comedy group)

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