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The admistration area is designed with a professional style and equipped with a full range of office supplies that are suitable for  the modern style of administration.

The entrance to the campus

This is the learning area of the students in the first year when the university was just established. Although the university has initial difficulties, we try to provide the good conditions for the students to take in the knowledge with 2 computer laboratories at the admistration area, equipped with LCD monitor and Internet connection in the school year 2008-2009.

In order to serve the management, teaching and learning, over the years , Vo Truong Toan University has continually invested for the  standard lecture buidings with a full range of modern facilities and  fully equipped with computers for all the computer labs and classrooms.

At present, the administration area is the research place for the full-time lecturers, the working place for the Rectorate and all the faculties, departments and boards, facilitating students and guests when they come to contact the university.

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