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With the expanding infrastructure and the increase in the number of students, VTT University has being paid much more attention and brought convenient conditions for students in all aspects of learning as well as living.

Situated opposite the dormitory, the commercial service center has launched to meet students’ demands for food, shopping and entertainment in and out of school. Moreover, it is an ideal workplace providing students with lots of part-time jobs. The 3-floor building center with a lot of kiosks full of essential necessary items serves all weekdays with reasonable prices.

The commercial service center, Vo Truong Toan University

Located at the school buildings, the practice – experiment center, the commerce - service center, and the canteen system of VTTU with spacious and comfortable atmosphere guarantee to provide students with good – quality and nutrient meals and refreshments.

VTTU canteen fully serves breakfast, lunch, drinks, etc. for staff, lecturers, and students

Apollo canteen with roomy atmosphere, a modern and beautiful decoration, and friendly service style

VTTU canteen is a familiar place with a large variety of items which supplies students with lots of energetic resources after class and it also brings students an ideal place for small talks and group work.

VTTU canteen is designed as a combination of a cafeteria and a coffee shop, where customers not only enjoy meals but also have a relaxing place to chat with friends.

The commercial service center of VTTU always aims to provide the best service for students in order to meet their needs during their studies at school.

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