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Vo Truong Toan University Hospital, finished at the end of 2014, was a part of the unified architectural system of VTTU which is located on Highway 1A.

With a total area of 21,600 m2 and 300 hospital beds inclusive, VTTU Hospital when in operation is expected to perform the functions of medical care; scientific research and knowledge transfer, to provide technical, medical and pharmaceutical services with high quality; and to participate in the training process and be the central place for the training of health human resources. It is planned that VTTU Hospital will be inaugurated and put into operation from the second quarter of the year 2015.




The five - storey inpatient area consists of integrated emergency, scientific laboratory, radiology department, anesthesia emergency, infection control department, inpatient, outpatient, obstetrics, pediatrics, and Otorhinolaryngology departments.

The three - storey clinical area consists of customer service rooms, counseling rooms, specialty clinics, an outpatient pharmacy, a playground for children, and the surgery - anesthesia department.

VTTU Hospital is well - equipped with a modern and synchronized system of medical machines and equipment that are genuinely imported from reputable manufacturers in the world, ensuring the criteria of effectiveness, safety, time-saving operation, accuracy and friendliness to the environment. In addition, the hospital is equipped with special filters and the modern central cooling systems Daikin of Japan to ensure that the hospital environment is always fresh and clean.

Along with the modern systems of facilities and equipment, VTTU Hospital also has the advantage of high-quality workforce, with a team of qualified and experienced Specialists, Doctors, and Pharmacists, who are highly dedicated to the profession through time of learning and working in domestic and international hospitals.


The landing area for helicopters on the roof of the building of the Inpatient treatment zone is used in cases of emergency aid

When officially goes into operation, VTTU Hospital will receive all patients including who get themselves to the hospital and the ones transferred from other places for emergency and will organize health check and distribute health certificate.

VTTU Hospital focuses on safety, the quality of health care services, all with the motto “Ethics as a foundation - Patient as the center”

The ambulance of VTTU Hospital is equipped with a ventilator system and emergency equipment needed to stabilize the patients’ conditions on the way to the hospital.

VTTU Hospital will go into operation with a sufficiency of specialized centers and specialized support to provide advanced medical services, applying advanced techniques in the diagnosis and treatment services at a reasonable cost.

Ophthalmology - VTTU Hospital provides medical services to treat ophthalmological diseases, from diagnosis and treatment to care for the injury, disorders and eye diseases.

Otorhinolaryngology department (or ENT) - VTTU Hospital with specialized machinery and modern medical assistance for optimal care, surgery and the treatment of ENT, head and neck.

Odonto – Maxillo - Facial department - VTTU Hospital ensures the examination; the diagnosis and the treatment will be always safe, gentle, and precise and gain optimum efficiency, with particular emphasis on sterile suture and strict adherence to the procedures of infection control.

Obstetrics - VTTU Hospital with a system of well-equipped and modern diagnostic techniques and treatments aims to bring the best healthcare services for gynecological and reproductive health for women.

Laboratory - VTTU Hospital with a staff of experienced doctors, specialists, and skilled technicians standing next to the automatical computer testing system, imported from advanced countries like USA, Germany, English, can meet most of the needs of testing related to hematology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology – parasitic.

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