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Project Facilities And Equipment Management Department was established under the Decision No. 86/QĐ-HĐQT-TC-HC, April 08th, 2008 of Vo Truong Toan University Board Director.




- Managing and supervising the construction in accordance with the goals and plans of the Board Directors

- Monitoring, inspecting, and maintaining school equipment.

- Raise awareness in using the teaching facilities and equipment in order to prolong the use and reduce repair costs.

- Saving of electricity, water and other energy sources for each staff, lecturer, staff and students in the school.


- Advising the Rector in the overall planning, management and use of facilities in the University; land management; manage and supervise the maintenance and repair of buildings - architectural objects; management of shared schools; monitor, manage the procurement of assets, tools and materials for teaching, learning and scientific research activities in the University.

- Advising the Rector in the construction and maintenance of the network, telecommunications, computers, electricity, water and facilities throughout the University.


a) Basic construction

- Making and implementing plans on basic construction, repair anti-degradation facilities for the general work of the University.

- Drafting documents, decisions and reports under the authority of the investor and submitting them to the Rector for signature and promulgation.

- Organizing the implementation of investment on project formulation, design, construction, supervision and acceptance test and handover of construction.

b) Assets, facilities, and equipment management

- Organizing and managing facilities, assets, equipment of working, teaching and learning; ensure electricity, water, network and telecommunications for the operation of all units in the University.

- Developing regulations and processes related to the management and use of the University's assets in an efficient and economical manner.

- Procurement and management of service work (including arrangement of teaching and learning equipment, sound, light, projector, ...).

- Monitor electricity and water indicators of areas in the University.

- Keeping records and design books, construction, equipment and properties of the University.

c) Other duties

- Summarizing and reporting assets according to regulations.

- Coordinating in quality assurance work.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.


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