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“Enrich your critical thinking, contribute to build up your future from the first bricks set at VTTU”

A dynamic and professional learning environment is always the desire of every student who entered the University doorstep.

During the years of university, we always cherish a great desire to train and direct students to a sample of modern humans having adequate knowledge, skills, and full qualities needed for our more and more growing society.

Therefore, we find that providing students with as much knowledge is not enough, we must also create a favorable environment for them to acquire knowledge in the best way. All are in the same united system so that the process of educational management becomes more efficient. By providing well-equipped learning and researching facilities, in other campuses and facilitating self-study in the dormitory, we really bring our students a learning and living environment with specific cultural characteristic of the University of Vo Truong Toan.

Each person can live 100 years, but the first 20 years is the most important period of life. Therefore, we make every endeavor to offer our students the most fantastic and memorable years of studying to obtain a faultless future.

All will contribute to the strength and adorn the new university to become a bright pearl of the nine-dragon region and represent our pride as a member of the common house named "Vo Truong Toan University.”


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