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* In 2015, the University will have:

- 12,000 students and 300 lecturers

- A versatile theatre,  with a capacity of 2000 seats

- An advanced and modern general hospital, reaching the regional and international standards.

- 200 houses for lecturers at the Vo Truong Toan University’s apartment building.

- School system from kindergarten to high school is in use.

-  International Training Cooperation with about 10 countries and regions.

* In 2020, the University will have:

- 15,000 students.

- 500 lecturers.

- A service area system,  modern offices.

- A modern and versatile stadium system, with a capacity of 15,000 seats.

- A dormitory system with a capacity of 8000 students.

- A total number of people working and studying is 20,000 people.

- International Training Cooperation from 20 countries and regions and over.

- Completion of the entire infrastructure and facilities to become a university city as targeted.


Along with the orientation of developing into a university city with advanced education management system, the marked difference of VTTU is the technical investment in infrastructure in order to meet the students’ needs of studying and living.

From the early bricks preparing to the foundation for a sustainable development. Day after day, a "university city" with a large size gradually comes into view, as in reality comes out from the drawings and technical models.

Vo Truong Toan University  City is a unique architectural construction with a modern style, but has the beauty of luxury and ancient from two decisive colors-white and bordo. It has the headquarters, theoretical lecture building, commercial service center and dormitory...

At VTTU, all teaching and studying activities happen in an unifying system, a professional and large-scale environment for studying and living, showing its specific cultural characteristic. In such a dynamic and convenient learning environment, each student is a cell of forming a miniature society which is pure, wholesome, and sociable with strict discipline.

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