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Pattern "University City" is reaching their development in which place is extremely honored nine dragons and proudly named Vo Truong Toan - One of the first teachers of higher education in Vietnam. Famous as a Confucian scholar with a broad education, talent, morality, he is always mentioned and honored by next generations.

He was also called "Thai Son Bac Dau" by the Southern feudal intellectuals. Throughout his life, he led a poor but honest life. He did not care about fame and did not take into offices, but only dedicated to reading, writing books and teaching.

He focused on educating students and talented people. He opened schools and trained excellent politicians, militants, and teachers in Gia Dinh at that time. The contemporary generation of scholars, though not directly educated by him, was students of his students. All was respected his talent and virtue.

Profound educational philosophy of Vo Truong Toan spent nearly 300 years is still kept completely original meaning. To continue such a noble career, the entire teaching staff and other workers have been trying to develop Vo Truong Toan as much as possible. We concentrate on training next talented and moral generation for our nation in the period of integration, following a good example of talented and moral Vo Truong Toan.


logo mau chuan

The official symbol of VTTU


VTTU’s logo has the shape of a shield.

The Shield – is the symbol of balance, solidity and substance.

The shield represents the firm standing position of a high quality and prestigious university. The powerful shield carries a protective feature.

At Vo Truong Toan University, each student is a citizen of the "University City" with ancient European architecture. VTTU reached the best education quality standards and offered students a modern and professional education with regional stature.

The shield symbolizes courage; Vo Truong Toan University always strives to become a unified community, the pioneer in training cultivated human resources.

The shield expresses the resilient will, preparing to cope with and overcome all difficulties. The road of reaching the height of knowledge has many obstacles and challenges. In its early stage of implementing and complete facilities, Vo Truong Toan University is striving to create the best learning and living environments for students to become more independent and critical thinkers.

The symbol of Vo Truong Toan University has a peak at the center; it reveals developing features through the meaning of strong and concentrated orientation. Its symbol expresses aspirations for the future, towards what the best in your exploration of new horizons of knowledge.

The image of two elegant yellow rice in the ears forming an arc, evokes the sufficience, peace and happiness. Paddy grains are the most integral symbol for prosperity and sustainable development. It links to an idea of the noble teaching, in Vo Truong Toan University, the seeds of knowledge have been germinated, rising hopeful buds and green leaves for wings to dream of success.

Vo Truong Toan University is located in the cradle of wet rice civilization, the origination of the "Rice Road" in Mekong River Delta. Rice has fed a thousand generations of Vietnamese people, so the image of rice in the ears carries a very special meaning and is the most typical representative of Vietnam.

The Book in the middle of logo with the year of foundation attached is an important milestone marking the birth of a "University City".

Thence, a new promising page for a bright future with many good things is opened, modern education as an opening book provides the knowledge foundation for the school to impart to students.

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