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The First Meeting Week with the New Students (the School Year 2019 – 2020)

On September 5th, 2019, Vo Truong Toan University organized “the week of civic activity – students” with the attendance of all new students of course 12.

Mr. Duong Dang Khoa, Ph.D. – the Rector, People’s Doctor/ Assoc. Prof./ MD. Truong Van Viet, Ph.D. - Vice Rector, Pharmacist Le Ngoc Kinh, Ph.D. – Vice Rector, Assoc. Prof./ MD. Le Anh Thu, Ph.D. – Head of Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacist Le Vinh Bao Chau, M.A. – acting Head of Faculty of Pharmacy, attended and had a talk with the new students of course 12.

Rector Duong Dang Khoa (in the middle) with the board of administrators, deans at the first meeting with new students of course 12

In the happy atmosphere of the new school year, Mr. Duong Dang Khoa congratulated new students becoming members of Vo Truong Toan University. The administrators together with the deans introduced activities and culture of the school, shared learning method, educated the standard of professional etiquette to students.

The board of administrators confirmed that the school always gave students the best learning condition in order to improve training quality and create cultural institution – friendly atmosphere and open startup space for students. Besides, students have to be aware of their role as national citizens, as intellectuals in the modern age of technology, so as to make effort, try their best during their learning process to become talented and righteous

The board of administrators and deans answer questions of the new students.

In the first meeting week, new students were trained in politics, rules and regulations on academic affairs, student assistance, policy on rewarding and disciplining. This helps students be aware of their rights and obligations and responsibilities at school.

Students were listening carefully to the board of administrators.

At the first meeting, the board of administrators and the deans spent a lot of time on exchanging, discussing, and answering questions from new students. They confidently expressed ideas and expectations with the leaders of the school.

Sincere statements from People’s Doctor Truong Van Viet – Vice Rector – made the meeting hall full of laughter and the students more confident.

The new students confidently asked questions and expressed ideas and expectations with the leaders of the school.

“The week of civic activity – students” took place seriously and brought educational effect. It was a chance for new students to get to know and later confidently take part in exciting and enthusiastic learning environment at Vo Truong Toan University.

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