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Date of foundation: May 30, 2008, according to Decision No. 20/QĐHĐQT-TC-HC by the Board of Regents of VTTU.

Faculty of Basic Sciences is a unit directly under VTTU.


Equip students with vital background knowledge and basic sciences and enable them to get the full competitive advantages in the explorating of seeking ideal jobs after graduation.


Training the human resources in two majors: B.A. in Literature and B.A. in English.

Teaching general studies of all majors such as: the natural and social science subjects, political science, laws, physical education, defense education, English Literatures, soft skills, etc.

Undertaking the international relation affairs.


To manage the personnel, teaching staff and students studying on the knowledge of basic majors and general education.

To organize and effectuate all academic plans scientific research and educational activities as per annual training program.

To compile the curricula, textbooks, and teaching materials.

To research on revising content and innovating the teaching and learning methods in order to ensure and enhance the quality of education.

To implement of experimental activities and general science research as well as to apply information technology into the training process.

To co-ordinate with the Administration Department in planning of how to train, cultivate, enhance the speciality and professional competence for the staff.

Manage the students’ learning, training and moral cultivating in regarding to Student’s Training Assessment Regulations and other in-place stipulation of Ministry of Education and Training.

To organize the cultural and social activies, sports events and other meaningful social campaign.

To build up the reputation and value of the VTTU connected to society, employers and other relevant external parties.

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