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Dear all the students of Pharmacy – Vo Truong Toan University,

Vo Truong Toan University was established on the 18th of February, 2008 according to the Decision No 196/QĐ-TTg by the Prime Minister directly belonging to the Ministry of Education. The university is assigned to give a multi-system, multidisciplinary and multi-qualification training with a view to training human resources of high quality, intelligence, capability and creativity for Mekong Delta in particular and for the whole country in general. The faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy was established according to the Decision No 06/QĐ-HĐQT-TC-HC, on the 14th of February in 2011 and according to another Decision No 17/QĐ-HĐQT-TC, on 24th of March in 2011 by the Managing Board about dividing the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy into the faculty of Medicine and the faculty of Pharmacy.

With the criteria to train human resources of good quality, professional skills and virtues to serve the career of taking care of and protecting people’s health, making a contribution to avoiding a shortage of human resources in pharmacy, meeting the demands of managing medicine, producing and trading medicine in GMP factories, in trading companies, medicine distributing companies, medicine wards in hospitals, drugstores, medicine retail outlets. The faculty of pharmacy has prepared both materials and human resources to facilitate training process.

With the job passion, the lecturers constantly improve their knowledge, practicing skills so that the teaching quality can be enhanced. In addition to the lecturers of the faculty, we have many outside experienced lecturers from the prestigious universities and research institutes in the country such as: Faculty of Pharmacy – The University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Ho Chi Minh City, the Faculty of Pharmacy – The University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Hue City, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Hanoi.

The number of students reached the norm right in the first course, which constantly motivates the Faculty of Pharmacy – Vo Truong Toan University to overcome all the initial difficulties to finish the duty of training human resources in Pharmacy.

In order to obtain the good results in teaching, beside the lecturers who have knowledge, job passion, modern facilities, the students are indispensable factors. Pharmacy requires students to investigate and learn, to be hard-working in study, and make effort to develop themselves. Therefore, the collaboration between lecturers and students in teaching and learning is very essential. Each student needs to self-improve, try to implement the requirements of the lesson with the lecturers’ instruction in order to get very good results, making a contribution to the development of Pharmacy in Vietnam.


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