Center For Social Research Management & International Relations

Center for Management Research – International Cooperation was established by Decision dated 27 March, 16/QD-HDQT-TC 2012, the Board of Administration, Vo Truong Toan University

I. Function

- To advise the Board in managing the quality of education in the field of science and technology and international cooperation.

- To implement the scientific topics.

- To promote international cooperation activities.

- To ensure the quality and inspect the work of scientific research in school.

II. Duties

1. To act as the link in constructing the science and technology strategy of the school; build the regulations on scientific and technological activities.

2. To implement, monitor and evaluate the implementation of regulations as well as database management of scientific research hosted by the school management

3. To coordinate with other departments to resolve the related issues in science and technology.

4. To preside and organize conferences and seminars on science and technology every year, also, hold scientific and technological information annually and urgently in order to meet the requirement of scientific information on new techniques in the field of management of school.

5. To organize the communication process and manage the publication of scientific and technological results of the school.

6. To develop the programs, plans, cooperative projects with foreign countries. In addition, it aims at developing the cooperation in training, research and academic exchange activities, exchange between staff and students to take advantage of funding.

7. To promote the image and enhance the school reputation in the community of international universities.

8. To coordinate with concerned units in the implementation of procedures of international training and cooperation.

9. To manage the school activities related to foreign matters; to coordinate with other units relevant to the managing the staff, faculties, researchers and foreign students who are working and studying in school.

10. To prepare the content, programs, documents and other conditions for the Board of management to work with foreign partners; composing the commitment and celebrate the signing ceremony between the school and foreign partners. Then, monitor the implementation of the signed content.

11. To plan and prepare agendas and procedures necessary for the mission of the school to visit and work with foreign partners and delegations.

12. To construct and monitor the plan for collaborative research annually.

13. To compile and provide information about the school in different languages.

14. To follow, inspect, collect and report the implementation of the tasks of international cooperation. Make periodic reports as well as extraordinary ones when required.

15. To manage and use the human resources, facilities and equipment effectively. Follow the thrift practice and waste combat at the department.

16. To perform the work under the regulations on organization and operation of Vo Truong Toan University.

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