Academic and Student Affairs Department

Academic and Student Affairs Department was established under the Decision No. 251/QĐ-HĐQT-TC, September 30th, 2010 of Vo Truong Toan University Board Director.


- Advising the Rector in management, training organization and other forms of fostering and short-term training of the University; manage and organize the testing procedures of the University.

- Advise the Rector on enrollment; student affairs.


a) Admission

- The leading point to coordinate with relevant units to develop the annual enrollment scheme of the University; assume the prime responsibility for developing and coordinating the annual enrollment plan.

- Performing enrollment tasks according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University; progress annual report on enrollment as prescribed.

- Managing the operation of enrollment software; recommend software upgrades when necessary.

- Coordinating with units to review and adjust professional processes related to enrollment.

b) Training Management

- Coordinating in building learning plans, training programs, opening new majors, new training forms:

+ Coordinating with faculties to develop, review and update training programs and detailed course outlines.

+ Managing the compilation of textbooks and materials for teaching and learning; reviewing and checking the faculties programs, documents, textbooks, etc.

+ Developing the training plans according to the academic year; develop a semester-by-semester timetable for training disciplines.

+ Coordinating with faculties to develop projects to open training majors, supplementing new training forms which are relevant to the practical needs of the University and society.

+ Coordinating with faculties to propose solutions to innovate teaching and learning methods.

- Organizing and managing teaching and learning activities:

+ Presiding over the development and adjustment of academic regulations and other documents related to the training of the University; inspect and supervise the implementation of rules and regulations on teaching and learning, etc. in accordance with current regulations.

+ Coordinating the annual training plan; monitor and urge the implementation of the issued teaching and learning plans and make timely adjustments when situations arise to ensure progress.

+ Managing and inspecting the teaching activities and practice in laboratories of lecturers; manage the part-time teaching invitation of the University.

+ Monitor teaching volume, account the statistics of teaching hours for lecturers and invited lecturers according to regulations; coordinate with relevant units to evaluate the teaching quality of the lecturers, manage the teaching norms of the lecturers and the regimes on teaching work, the learning quality of students and the level of satisfaction. the employer's satisfaction with the human resources trained by the University.

+ Manage the operation of training management software; recommend software upgrades when necessary.

+ The leading point to coordinate with the units implementing the association, training cooperation and support between the University and businesses, localities and other universities and colleges.

+ Guiding the implementation and organization of professional training, academic advisors and take responsibility for consulting and answering students' opinions related to the training organization.

+ Taking the lead in the management and recognition of learning results; organize the review of conditions for submission to the Council for consideration and recognition of graduation for students; organize the consideration of continuing, suspending, expulsion, reserve of enrollment results, consideration of course change, transfer of courses, transfer of schools, exit and preservation of study results for students.

+ Manage student learning outcomes; receive and process all kinds of applications, records and documents related to training, issue student codes, issue transcripts and certificates of study to students.

+ Managing and archive documents related to training management.

+ Researching and proposing the development of necessary facilities for teaching and learning in the University.

+ Advising the Science and Training Council on the training development of the University.

c) Student affairs

- Organizational and administrative work:

+ Organizing the reception of selected applicants, arrange students into classes; appoint a temporary class staff, issue student cards, library cards; Manage and organize relevant documents for students.

+ Collecting statistics, data synthesis and management and storage of student-related records; handle administrative procedures for students according to regulations in the learning process.

- Examination, supervision and assessment on students:

+ Monitor and evaluate the attitude toward learning; organize the evaluation of students' training results; classifying and grading students at the end of each semester, school year or course according to current regulations.

+ Evaluate and comment on emulation titles and rewards for collectives and individual students according to regulations.

+ Guide, inspect and supervise the implementation of University regulations.

+ Monitor, advise and summarize the emulation, reward and discipline of students according to regulations.

- Student advisor: Advising and supporting students to develop plans and study methods which are relevant to their goals and personal capacity; provide information on training programs, guide students to access (academic, financial, technical resources ...) during the learning process.

d) Examination

- Advising and assisting the Rector in directing and implementing guidelines, policies and legal documents on examination protocols.

- Advising the Rector to issue regulations and guidelines related to the organization of exams, testing and evaluation of learners results.

- Supervising the process and implementation of testing activities in the University.

- Organizing exams according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, regulations of the University.

- The leading point to organize the construction of the module exam question bank; consulting, managing, providing and evaluating all course exam questions for training programs at the University.

- Presiding over the development and management of testing software; proposing software improvements and upgrades when necessary.

- Assessing the accuracy of the exam marking, organizing random appraisal of the test scores of the modules on the basis of analysis and comparison of the results of each module and through the reflection of students.

đ) Management and issuance of diplomas and certificates

- Print, manage and issue diplomas and certificates according to current regulations.

- Manage and archive diplomas, certificates and graduation records.

e) Other duties

- Performing publicity work to ensure quality according to regulations.

- Coordinating in quality assurance work.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.


Address: Ground Floor – Administrative Area – Vo Truong Toan University

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