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Date of foundation: September 30, 2010, according to Decision No. 251/QĐHĐQT-TC-HC by the Board of Regents of VTTU.


To act as an advisor for the Rector on the management and development of education affairs such as: planning, curricula, school materials, teaching organization.

To assure teaching quality according to the issued training regulations of Ministry of Education and Training.


Propose new training programs; update the existing ones; open supplementary classes and short-term courses.

To develop and operate annual training courses.

To tailor and deploy the credit system.

To evaluate the outcome of lecturers, the accomplishment of students and the contentedness of employers who have hired the graduates of VTTU.

Analyze the needs of society, and then set up the practical and efficient strategy for educating development.

Build up the association with enterprises, local authorities and other colleges or universities.

Store the students’ personal profile and learning records. Receive and approve for valid administrative request of students: continue, postpone or quit studies; reserve the entrance exam grade; change class, major or university; study abroad and reserve the study record.

Receive and process forms, documents related to teaching affairs, issuing the student ID number, statement of scores, certificate on study record, student confirmation.

Co-ordinate with Quality Assurance and Education Testing Center in arrangement all the exams at school.

Undertake graduation approving affairs as well as issuance or filing documents, degrees, certificates, etc.

Administrate and recommend to develope Academic Affairs Management software.

To manage and control effectively human resources, facilities and equipment; to save cost and avoid wastefulness.

Co-ordinate with other in-school Departments to due with issues in studying and teaching activities.

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