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To support all the learning, teaching, training activities and scientific research. To applicate the technological and scientific breakthroughs through exploiting the various documents in the library (writing or duplicated items, hard and soft copies, e-documents, the Internet, etc.)


To plan the short-term and long-term operation of the library.

To draft and propose the ideas and directions of collecting and developing the information for the teaching affairs and scientific research in the university.

To assist the users to have successful and effective data exploiting through conducting initial guideline on the procedure of exploring the library.

To control and check its inventories on timely basis as per in-place requirement.

To verify and classify documents into specific categories; to develop the data searching engine.

To send the periodic or surprising reports on its overall performance as per request of the Rector.

To apply the advanced technology achievement and information technology into the affairs; to coach the library’s staff in order to enhance a professional and qualified workforce.

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