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Manage and organize activities of the Library to serve the training and scientific research tasks of the University.


a) Development of research materials

- Developing long-term and short-term operation of the Library; organize and coordinate the entire document system of the library in the University.

- Enhancing and developing resources to meet the needs of teaching, learning, scientific research and technology transfer of the University; receive documents issued by the University, scientific research works that have been accepted, conference documents, theses, textbooks, sponsored and donated publications.

- Planning to purchase books and newspapers at the request of the units.

b) Processing, storing, managing and serving documents 

- Organizing, processing, arranging, storing, preserving, and managing documents; build an integrated lookup system; setting up an automated information retrieval and access network; building databases; inventory; document liquidation.

- Organize the service, guide the exploitation, search and effective use of document resources.

c) Other duties

- Connect and exchange with other publishers, libraries, and learning materials.

- Coordinating in quality assurance work.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.


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