Financial Planning Department was established under the Decision No. 03/QĐ – HĐQT-TC, March 27th, 2008 of Vo Truong Toan University Board Director.


Advising and assisting the Investor, the Rector in planning and financial management of the University; make payment and settlement of all funding sources according to the regime; guiding and inspecting financial activities at all units, collecting reports on the financial performance of the University.


a) Budget planning and funding management

- Developing financial management plans; organize the implementation of accounting, financial and property work of the University in accordance with the University's regulations and law.

- Advising the Rector on management, funding sources allocation, and building annual revenue and expenditure estimates.

- Coordinating in building and guiding the implementation of financial regulations and internal expenditures of the University; developing other internal regulations on financial management in accordance with the general provisions of law and the reality of the University.

- Coordinating with other units to propose revenue and expenditure levels and implement policies on revenue, tuition fees, scholarships and other revenues. Moreover, expenditures in service of training, scientific research, and business activities. , services and other activities of the University.

- Guiding, inspecting and supervising other units in making estimations and plans for revenue and expenditure; appraise financial related contents of economic contracts; manage and supervise the collection and operating expenses of business and service units under the University.

- Coordinating with the Personnel and Administration Department to directly manage the funding of the salary, insurance regime and other regimes for staffs, lecturers, and employees.

- Organizing the accounting system to manage and summarize the finances of the units in the University in accordance with the provisions of the accounting law.

b) Payment and settlement protocol

- Making payment and settlement for all activities in the University in accordance with current regulations.

- Organize periodic or irregular inspection of the payment and settlement on revenues and expenditures for business and service units under the University; centralize all revenues and expenditures at the units to the Financial Planning Department for management.

- Coordinating with the Project Facilities and Equipment Management Department and relevant units to monitor the assets of the University; receive new buildings, machinery and equipment to record in the assets of the University before using, organize councils to liquidate damaged assets, machinery, equipment and supplies. damaged, which do not continue to use.

- Transfering monthly salary for staffs, lecturers, and employees, award scholarships to students according to regulations.

- Leading and coordinating with relevant units inside and outside the school to compare debts; urge the collection of debts for units inside and outside the University; inspect and urge relevant units and individuals to fulfill their financial obligations to the University.

- Making declaration, finalization and payment of taxes, summarizing and submitting to the Rector for approval and finalization of taxes with tax authorities.

- Making accounting and statistical work according to current regulations.

- Coordinating to monitor and check repair and use of equipment and materials.

- Authorized by the Rector to sign the record of debt reconciliation and invoice cancellation.

c) Other duties

- Preserving, archiving, and terminating accounting documents and records in accordance with current regulations

- Organizing periodic examination and implementing the financial reporting regime as prescribed; coordinating with other units to make reports related to the University's finances at the request of competent authorities.

- Coordinating in quality assurance work.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.


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