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Vo Truong Toan University, with the physical size of 20 hectares and the 36,000m2 floor area serving for educating and researching, can serve 18,000 students based on the standard of 2m2 per student.

As a ‘City of University’ to be, Vo Truong Toan University is considered a high quality project which is completes quickly. With its European architecture, Vo Truong Toan University has become a special and impressive school for those who comes to this area.

The campus facilities have continually been constructed for a university of rapid and consistent development. Currently, Vo Truong Toan university has completed the first stage in its plan, including the following buildings and facilities:

  • The Headquarter is constructed professionally and well - equipped with office equipment for modern managing styles.
  • Each classroom in the lecture hall is equipped with a computer, Internet access, a projector, a microphone, speakers, lights, ceiling fans which serve for the lecturing with PowerPoint.
  • The building of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Laboratories includes special-function rooms, practice and experiment rooms which are designed scientifically based on the international standards for medicinal and pharmaceutical students to study and do research.
  • The hospital of Vo Truong Toan University has an adequacy of specialities and high-technology centers providing health-care services and training activities.
  • The urban zone of Vo Truong Toan University is a complex modern system of villas, blocks of apartments which provide full services for the daily life of specialists, teachers and students who are living in the campus
  • The Center of Commerce – Service has a large number of kiosques which sell common necessary products with reasonable prices.
  • The dormitory with a modern design has well-furnished rooms with a separated kitchens for students to cook their meals
  • The artificial football fields are designed based on the standard for professional playgrounds for specialists, teachers and students.
  • The Center of sports and fitness including large gym rooms which are well-furnished with modern facilities tools of different levels exercising is an ideal place for students to work out.

Apollo Square – Vo Truong Toan University

Headquarter - Vo Truong Toan University

Lecture Hall – Vo Truong Toan University

Building of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Classrooms - Vo Truong Toan University

Vo Truong Toan University Hospital

Villas in the urban zone of VTTU

Condominium in the urban zone of VTTU

Dormitory - Vo Truong Toan University

Commercial center and Service - Vo Truong Toan University

In general, one of the strengths of Vo Truong Toan University is to focus on investment in infrastructure to best meet the needs of accommodation, education, entertainment, recreation of students. In the design, construction and finishing works, Vo Truong Toan University has great advantages and is appreciated in the following aspects: (1) large area of land; (2) well - planned construction; (3) characterized unified architecture; (4) high speed in project completion. These factors contribute to the learning environment and the dynamic, modern, professional, offering unique culture of the school.

Vo Truong Toan University campus overlooking from the Lecture Hall

It should be noted that Vo Truong Toan University where the communication system is always stable, transparent  with optical cable and high-speed wireless network coverage throughout the school, which created links and exchange of information between the instructor, students, and helping  students access, search and explore  giant  information from the Internet.

Besides, Vo Truong Toan University has achieved some remarkable results in the application of modern technology and advanced techniques in management and training. Featured as the school was officially launched in use CCTV systems · School-wide from March 2014 to over 200 cameras have been installed at the site of lecture rooms, labs and other public areas within the campus. CCTV system is an effective management tool to help improve the quality of learning, testing and ensuring absolute security for students and raise students’ awareness towards school regulations.

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