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The university has invested in information technology in order to become a modernized model of a university in education management. The school is always a pioneer in applying information technology in studying: Using e-learing during a course and wireless services to retrieve the information everywhere and everytime via electronic devices, wireless service is covered 100% for classrooms and lecture buildings, 100% teachers use information technology in teaching, 100% students must have the Internet in each room of the dormitory, 100% must have the Internet and PC in the working room so that there can always be connection between teachers and students at anytime and anywhere.

The computer labs are fully installed with convenient and specialized sofwares, especially all the computer labs are connected to the Internet through broadband connecting gateways serving the needs of studying from the basic levels to the advanced ones.

Vo Truong Toan University have oriented to develop 3 categories of services: IT for managers, applied IT for studying and services. The application of IT includes timekeeping softwares, payment sofwares, schedule-managing softwares, fingerprint attendance system, library managing softwares, enrolling sofwares, helping the education management to be effective.

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