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Building and developing the teaching staff is the top priority to ensure the sustainable development of a university. In terms of this criterion, Vo Truong Toan University has recruited and built up high qualified teaching staff with professional skills, high passionate interests and years of experience in teaching.

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Further development in teaching, training and the ability in conducting scientific research has always been focused to catch up quickly with the current worldwide educational trend in VTTU.  Thus, the university is always supporting the staff to enhance their professional development such as funding and supporting time to encourage lecturers to participate not only in postgraduate training and short courses on improving teaching abilities, but also enable them to attend regularly professional training workshops or seminars in teaching methods, current curriculum and relevant teaching materials in the aim of applying them in the teaching process under real conditions of the school. In addition, VTTU also offers language classes specifically for the staff to participate with appropriate time that suits both learners and lecturers’ schedules during the week. Besides, the university facilitates lecturers to do scientific research and apply the study results from presentations presented at conferences, articles published in professional journals, etc. to integrate in curriculum subjects.

Another aspect that VTTU keens on is conducting learners’ opinion on lecturers’ teaching quality. The survey results will provide a basis to help the school adjust its learning and teaching methods and enhance teachers’ responsibility in implementing the training objectives of the school. The criteria to be evaluated includes professional competence, practical experience, teaching method, learning assessment in the classrooms, and open content for students’ recommendations and reflections at the end of each subject which will be considered by the teachers involved.

With a staff of many dedicated lecturers who have the capacity, skills, and creative thinking in teaching and assessing students’ abilities, Vo Truong Toan University believes that it can provide a high qualified and professional academic training environment in the whole educational system of the country.

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