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Training quality is always criterion and most important target in process of school development. Vo Truong Toan University engages to ensure about quality education based on criterion of Ministry of Education and Training. All students will have interest about:

- Standard lecture hall with modern equipment which is useful for students;

- Students study specialized knowledge and English with TOEIC criterion through their learning process at school;

- Classrooms are always connected to the Internet, and wifi can be freely accessed anywhere in campus;

- We have applied with computer science into education: Every classroom is equipped with computer connected to Internet every time and multi –projectors 

 - Lecturers are recruited with highly professional skills, experience and pedagogical skills;

- All students can take part consultancy fully free by recruiter in career fair and soft skills course.

 VTTU brings aspirations to create a learning environment and modern with the goal of developing university education with high quality. All training programs are built and completed based on the basis of the framework program from the Ministry of Education and Training, in accordance with the training objectives while they are also according to society demands. In addition, training programs are always double-checked, adjustment and improvement based on feedback from faculties, recruiter and professors.

VTTU teaches TOEIC test-taking skills for all students. We also teach international training soft skills courses in the formal program. IIG Vietnam, which is representative from the U.S educational testing Institute (ETS) in Vietnam with nearly 60 years about operation and practical experience in 180 countries, will coordinate with the VTTU. We will become the official place of the TOEIC testing. The interwoven program TOEIC and soft skills and other subjects bring more convenience until they graduate.

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