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Bachelors of Finance and Banking are expected to have good political quality, moral sense of business and good health; master basic knowledge of socioeconomic sectors as well as finance and banking; and be capable of organizing, formulating strategies and dealing with problems involved in banking sector.

Graduating from Finance and Banking, learners can work in companies, the human resources management about finance and banks.

Banks are the circulatory system of the economy in each country and global. This is the important role of the bank for the economy, especially in a market economy where banks become essence. They have held the balance; they also have decided the success or failure of an economy, while they bring a high income for workers in the industry.

If you find a job in a bank area, you will have the opportunity to develop mind and speculative acumen. If you have ability of finance and you really love this area, the bank will be the ideal environment for you. Currently, there are many "hot" occupations in the financial sector such as financial analyst; securities agency; securities transactions; financial management; representative of donors; Analysis and assessment of real property...

Opportunities and career prospects of Banking and Finance

Recruitment of the financial area is very high. According to the results of the assessment of indicators of human resources consulting firm Navigos alone quarter 2/2007, the demand for manpower accounting, banking and finance of the banking area increased by 1,300 people, up 383%. In terms of growth rate of the market, human resources of the banking sector accounted for 57% growth rate, followed by accounting, finance (42%).

According to the Ministry of Finance, the total personnel, whom the banking area needs, are approximate 30,000 people. The amount of "supply" is much lower than "demand". This means most students can join into banking and finance area, even they haven’t graduated yet. In fact, many banks have strategies to attract senior students with outstanding learning process.

The income of the financiers is always at the "top" career not only in our country but also around the world. It can be affirmed that in any developing economy, the level of any salaries and incomes of those the finance career has always the highest level, especially in the central National Bank Group and banks invested foreign capital. In our country, students who have just graduated usually get VND 5, 6 million and then may increase to 10 million, 15, 20 million ... depending on their abilities.

Years of experience are not the matter in this field. The age is absolutely no sense. When you work in financial area, you can contact to the most exciting problems of the economy; the financial markets and monetary policy – the thermometer rise and fall of the economy.

Any economic events that may affect this market and vice versa, any change of financial and monetary markets as interest rates, exchange rates, VN-Index, gold prices, gas prices, USD ... They can affect to other economic activities such as investment, foreign trade ... This factor makes you feel always in the center ring of the economy movement. Therefore, the financial career always requires sharp thinking and decisive action.

A general rule of success in the financial sector in general and the banking or insurance, it is the ability to predict the future. Of course, this is not a baseless prediction which is based on data, analysis and experience. So if you want to own a "great brain" that can analyze and predict things, you should work in the financial area and this is the most useful advice. This is not only good for "your pocket money", but also very useful in life.

The future of this major in the career structure

People say that "Money can cause the earth to turn back." since the first ancient commercial activity in the world, no one can deny the importance of money in all areas of social life. Finance, an industry directly is related to currency, there is automatically a superior position in the career structure.

According to the results of the assessment about human resources’ indicators from Navigos consultant LTD, This is alone quarter 2/2007, the demand for manpower accounting, banking and finance of the banking area increased by 1,300 people, up 383%. In terms of growth rate of the market, human resources of the banking area accounted for 57% growth rate, followed by accounting, finance (42%).

In the future, Vietnam's economy will grow to integrate the regional economy and the world, many businesses, companies, credit institutions, insurance, etc. will be found and developed.  You will have more opportunities of employment options after you graduate. You can undertake work related to the areas of financial management -accounting, currency trading, project evaluation, business and investment securities at financial institutions, the firms estimates, the domestic trading companies and multinational companies. Specifically, the position:

- You can be a CEO or accounting finance expert at companies in the country, foreign companies or multinational companies.

- You can become a financial management consultant, accounting - audit in the international audit companies or domestic audit companies

- You can also become an economist with directly or indirectly in the financial markets.

- You can teach and research at universities, colleges, vocational training colleges...

If you choose Financial Bank career, you can enter a field full of potentiality along high salary range. Although you are at any ages, any social background, financial issues are always the most considerable and financial holders are always important people of society. Regarding to the banking area, you mainly work in comfortable office buidings. Depending on professional work, they often go out for business contact with customers, partners.

This is a highly competitive career, so there are many   promoting opportunities. The quick development of the banking system is both favorable for you doing a job; this is also the challenge for your own effort and your bank. This also goes along with your promotion.

Many young people choose finance in the condition of the open economy and the integration trend. The financial area is very large; there is no doubt for having a lot of chances to get good jobs. Besides, the one who chooses it needs to be wise and brave as the two sides of the coin

Otherwise, people in the banking areas are particularly sensitive to changes of market and currency. Your correct predictions of the financial situation can bring you super profit. Furthermore, you are directly generated a lot of profit for the whole economy of the country.

The qualities and skills which financiers need:

- You are excellent in profession, highly numerate, logical, capable speculation, analysis, synthesis, understanding, and constantly updated financial information.

- You can deal with situations well, sensible financial markets and abnormal changes in this area.

- You also need to be good at foreign languages, proficiently office computer applications.

- You are also an assertive, brave and independent.

- You are an honest and careful and highly responsible.

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