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Train the Information Technology human resources with good political quality and moral standards.

Master the knowledge of basic mathematics to explain all the mathematical terms, data structures, and deep knowledge related to human needs.

Understand basic knowledge of computer, information technology, and systems of computers.

Know how to explore and develop application software, and be able to manage and explore the Internet services effectively as well as information system from the Internet …

Especially focus on practicing skills and be able to construct information technology plans on management, economy and production...

The role of information technology occupations in occupational systems

Information technology plays an important role in the development of all issues in the global society like economic activities, business, sales, trade promotion, business management... The information technology application into the automated process in business has always been taken into account.
Along with the strong development of the economy, it is one of the fastest growing fields today. Among all the disciplines in Universities and Colleges, Information Technology is considered a smart choice of high school students and parents in job orientation.

Nowadays, people have more access to it. Most industries, sectors need the contribution of information technology. Because of that diversity, people need this field increases rapidly, from individuals, company to the government.

Accordingly, finding a job in Information Technology sector is a wise choice of qualified candidates who love technology. Those people can proud of their role in society. They also have many opportunities for personal and professional development... As a competent expert, you can absolutely make up a comfortable life.

Career opportunities and job prospects of Information Technology occupations

The Information Technology sector is currently the focus of the investment in developed and developing countries. Information technology is always growing with a speedy level, so its demand is huge. Most organizations, companies, businesses need to have experts in the field. In addition, the scope of information technology is vast; you can definitely choose a proper direction with your own ability.

You will always have chances to access new knowledge. It can be said that this discipline change and develop with an unpredictable rate. You can see the technology of some years ago was completely outdated in comparing with the present. Working in this field, you'll always catch the latest knowledge and technology. If you are passionate in exploring something new, you will never get bored.

Information Technology is a dynamic and creative sector. Most employees working in the field are still very young, talented and ambitious. Working in such environment, you can exploit your own potential and competence. It will be a good opportunity for you to develop your sense of creativity.

You have many challenges and opportunities to define yourselves. Information technology is one of the competitive jobs with fierce rejection. Most famous people in the field have a very low starting point but today they are well – known worldwide. You might have heard stories about the businessmen in the Information Technology sector. Bill Gates dropped the college, and then founded his own company which is the global domination, called Windows. Michael Dell, who Fortune Magazine ranked as one of the top 10 powerful men in business in 2003, started a computer company 19 years ago with only a very modest capital $ 1,000.

Where do information technology experts work?

The answer is anywhere you want, such as companies, factories, schools, hospitals, institutions, associations ... More than that, you can be a freelancer or cooperate with some other colleagues formed a group or a company of your own.

- First if you choose to work in professional institution, you can work in the software companies. They research, construct, develop and provide software, applications, website designs, games, etc., in the market. Currently, software development is the most powerful information technology sector in Vietnam and attracts workforce to participate. Therefore, you can easily find it a job there.

- Next, you can also work in companies that manufacture, assemble, and repair hardware equipment. Although they have not achieved the dominance as the software companies, you are completely indifferent to them. It can have a potential development in the future.

Right now, many experts are trying to create and develop a computer line with Vietnam trademark.

- After that, you can also have opportunities to work in companies offering integrated solutions. These companies specialize in designing and implementing integrated solutions for hardware and software. This course will also be a promising land which is full of challenges and success in the future. Along with the strong development of information technology in Vietnam, we can better control this industry.

- Last, the company provides network solutions and network security. With an extremely rapid development of the Internet in Vietnam and all the security problems such as viruses, hacker, this field is really potential to open up your future.

The qualities and skills required of a person working in the field

- Be smart and creative.

- Be able to analyze, deduce, connect the strings of events to determine the cause.

- Persevere and be patient, be able to work under pressure.

- Be accurate in work.

- Be keen on learning, and upgrade knowledge.

- Be equipped the foreign language for the major.

- Be interest in scientific subjects.

- Most importantly, have a passion for information technology.

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