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Dr. Le Ngoc Kinh, M.D, Vice Rector of Vo Truong Toan University, acting Dean of  Faculty of Pharmacy, former Dean of  Faculty of Pharmacy of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy

After the founding and improving, Faculty of Pharmacy – Vo Truong Toan University has started operations. It is equipped in modern qualitative and quantitative facilities, laboratoties which meet all the students’ needs for the study and research.

Based on actual needs as well as the school situation, there are two kinds of training pharmacists -drug supplies and Clinical Pharmacology. The training fee is quite expensive, that is the reason why students with low marks can pass for university entrance to become pharmacists and 100% of graduates can find jobs easily.

Vo Truong Toan University is one of 3 units in the South is allowed to open the full-time university and college pharmacy by The Ministry of Education and Training. Besides, Vo Truong Toan University inherits the helpful and experienced staff from the Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City universities, all school’s curriculum is always based on framework programs of The Ministry of Education and Training, we believe the quality of training at Vo Truong Toan University meets the requirements of society.


- Basic scientific understanding of pharmacy;

- Deeply basic knowledge of pharmacy (management, drugs supplying or drugs controlling and cosmetics);

- Thorough understanding of policies involved in people’s protection, people’s care and people’s health with a doctor’s qualifications.


- Manage and supply drugs;

- Ensure the quality of medicines, and the quality of labs;

- Guide how to use drugs correctly, safety and efficiently;

- Do good assignments tasks about pharmacy;

- Open and present pharmacy training courses for lower degree pharmacists.


- Devoted to People’s health;

- Respectful and sociable with colleague;

- Honest, objective, and ambitious;

- Concerned with the combination of two methods of treatment, modern medicine and traditional one.

Since 2011, Vo Truong Toan University is one the the three units which is allowed to open the Full-time undergraduate Pharmacy (after Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Cantho University of Medicine-Pharmacy)

The visit of Professor Jean-Paul, Gabriel, THENOT (French) on the basis of the training program combines clinical research

The group of Professors of Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy visit the training - laboratory in health care sector

Team of faculty members with years of experience directly involved in management and training, namely:


  • Dr. Le Ngoc Kinh, M.D, Vice Rector of Vo Truong Toan University, acting Dean of  Faculty of Pharmacy, former Dean of  Faculty of Pharmacy of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy  
  • A/Prof, Dr. Thai Duy Thin, – Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - physicochemical, Vo Truong Toan University, former Chief of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ha Noi University Pharmacy.
  • A/Prof, Dr. Thai Phan Quynh Nhu – Head of Testing pharmacy - Chemical analysis, Vo Truong Toan University, former Chief of  Testing physicochemical I - Central Institute for drug testing. 
  • Dr. Le Đuc Thang, M.D,  - Head of Pharmacology - Clinical Medicine - Biochemistry, Vo Truong Toan University, former Vice Director of Thong Nhat Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. 
  • Dr. Do Huu Vinh – Head of Pharmacy Management and Economics, Vo Truong Toan University.

Together with faculty members, the Professor, Associate Professor and enthusiastic PhD from the University of Medicine across the country especially· from Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hue with highly specialized knowledge and many years of experience directly involved in teaching.

Along with the Medicine, Pharmacy is one of the attractive candidates in the university and college entrance exam. Drugs tied to life, therefore, being a pharmacist, you can develop your career everywhere: business management departments, research institutes, hospitals, companies, pharmaceutical firms, centers, health care organizations ... or in someone’s private drugstores.

Pharmaceutical industry is not new, but certainly there will always be a strong attraction sector human resource. In the XXI century, the pharmaceutical industry well developed. In Vietnam, this is a promising profession; our country is striving to increase double in the number of pharmacists up to 2015.

Pharmaceutical industry is high income and ability to move up in society. Therefore should have the phrase “First is Medicine, Pharmacy is the second”. During the training, the pharmaceutical industry is often costly and requires long learning time. However, this will be a stable profession both in employment and income. If you know how to accumulate your knowledge and pursuse the pharmaceutical industry, you will not have to worry about job opportunities. Most of the work in the pharmaceutical industry is quite comfortable; mainly spend more time in the lab or drugstore. However, as in medicine, work in the pharmaceutical industry requires high accuracy, the research or production of drugs requires a long time.

Graduated from the pharmaceutical industry, depending on the level and capacity, you can do in places such as:

- In the field of government pharmacy management: Participating in the government pharmacy management, at central, you can work at Drug Administration, Science and Training ... of the Ministry of Health.

And in the local area, you will find a place in the pharmaceutical section, management private medical office, the district health centers...

- In the field of study: Participating in the field of pharmaceutical research, you will work in research institutes such as Institute of Medicinal Materials, Test Institute, Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Institute of Traditional Medicine, the Universities. .. Also, you can also work in the corporate research labs, pharmaceutical factories.

- In the field of Manufacturing: Manufacturing sector opens up the possibility of potential options for you. At the central level with the Central Enterprise 1, 2, 3, 25, 26... At the local, there are some pharmaceutical companies or pharmaceutical firms in provincial and district levels. Drug production is mainly located in the state sector; however, there are also some private companies. Besides, you can also work in the foreign pharmaceutical companies are allowed to operate in Vietnam.

- In the field of distribution and circulation of drugs: with the country's current condition, this is still a strong field of the pharmacist’s activity. You can participate in some "chain" in the drug distribution systems from central to local levels. (Central level: Vietnam   Pharmaceutical Corporation, the pharmaceutical companies. At the local level, in pharmaceutical companies, limited companies, private pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, private pharmacies). Or you can work at the pharmacy owned by you as well as foreign pharmaceutical companies are appearing more and more on Vietnam market.

- In the field of qualitative drug testing: It’s worth being interested in drug testing of the pharmaceutical industry. You can work at the Central Institute testing, provincial testing centers, laboratories of the factory, companies...

- In the area of ​​training, recruitment and human medicine: In the field of personnel training, depending on ability and qualifications, you can participate in teaching, working in schools under the managing of the Ministry of Health.

The qualities and skills required for a pharmacist:

- Good- hearted.

- Orienting on natural sciences, especially chemistry and biology.

- Avid reader, love to explore, explore.

- Patient, careful and orderly.

- Active and ambitious.

- Be responsible, meticulous and precise work.

- A bit more business-minded in this business is also very affordable.

Nowadays, Vo Truong Toan University has signed the cooperation agreements with over 20 hospitals, testing centers, local pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and Can Tho City in order to create favorable conditions for students to practice inside and outside the community and employment opportunities after graduation.

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