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- We supply for students knowledge about accounting, auditing, business analyzing. They are able to plan finance accounting policy  for companies.

- Some basic knowledge such as finance-monetary, credit – bank, statistic in economic market, they will be a background for student research special skill about accounting as: accounting law, auditing law, accounting standard, accounting company, accounting administrative.

- Simultaneously, students will have deep knowledge about tax laws and the basic guidelines of current tax laws, marketing management, administration management, etc.


- To organize, establish, implement, execute and apply the receipt accounting systems, accounting account systems, accounting book, financial reporting form from different types of businesses, state agencies organizations and other social and economic;

- Students become proficient in the collection, processing, inspection and record vouchers and accounting books;

- Students can prepare and analyze financial reports (balance sheet and report business results, cash flow reports, notes to financial reports);

- Students can prepare and analyze some basic management accounting such as estimation and forecasting of revenues, expenses, profit per unit/ area/ item/ ...;

- Students can prepare reports on production costs ... to advise managing boards in the field of accounting, auditing or finance.

- Students can prepare monthly tax reports and annual tax settlement (value added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax ...);

- Students can evaluate the financial performance of investment projects;

- Students can draft documents, contracts, and negotiation and communication behavior;

- Students can master almost accounting softwares which are popular on the market now


- Accounting students graduated from VTTU can work for the government companies on economic management departments or any projects.

- Students can be in charge of tasks regarding to accounting, auditing, managing the accounting, finance, and business statistics in the manufacturing, business, service… or administrative or business unit, training consultant establishments and research, the commercial basis of all economic sectors.

- Students can work at the institutes, schools and training establishments which offer accounting courses.

- Students can participate in the economic transactions that students enjoy.

Although accounting is not a new career, it has always been one of major jobs of the economy. Especially, in times of mix market, many values were turned upside down, businesses and organizations require good  accountants who care for the spending and financial management for  other activities of enterprises and organizations.

Currently, the accounting becomes one of three majors which candidates take part in at University, College examination demonstrated the accounting have high value. They have a stable job with high income in communities and major employment opportunities. They are the criteria that students cannot ignore. In addition, accounting is a relatively easy job and not afraid of unemployment, because of its high demand.

Accounting strongly attracts the labor market. To people who always love numbers, the statistics and accuracy, accounting is a logical choice. In addition, language skills and information technology skills proficiency (especially on Accounting software) is an advantage for accounting positions at companies with large, multinational companies with attractive level of income and opportunities for advancement.

1. What is accounting?

Accounting is the recording, collecting, processing and providing information on the economic and financial activities of an organization, a business, a state agency ... for managing boards, since they are appropriate management solutions, promoting growing units.

If business company or organization wants to operate, they must have a certain property. During the process, that company will be active buying, selling, investing ... that is the financial and economic activities. Business will perform these activities by considering the question: "how much is company property? How much are sale price   and import prices of materials? Are your investment making benefits or not? ... Accounting department will be responsible for answering that question.

2. Where will an accountant work?

If you are an accountant, you will work in the accounting department of business, state agencies, the company ... often called the Finance Department or the Office of Finance and Accounting, Department of Finance and Accounting...

All agencies, state organizations and companies, any business is any sector of society must conduct accounting work. (This was clearly stated in the Accounting Law of our country).

Almost working time of the accountant often is office hours. The contents of accounting have seldom been changed. You have to follow your job because of work requirement and you have to apply the new policy of the government as well as new regulations on the management unit of economics and finance. This work also needs the active and enthusiastic people to acquire new ones, leading to advise the management board more efficiently.

3. How are career opportunities and prospects of the accounting?

Accounting is a career which contributes an important role in economic management. From small scale management (in each company, agency or business) up to larger scale management (the entire national economy), they also required to accounting.

According to statistics (from 1995 to 2003), our country has nearly 2,000 new businesses which are established each year. The purposes of the Government, our country tries to have approximately 500,000 businesses. Every business needs an average of 4 to 6 accountants. This is not a small number of human resources that need to be major in accounting, as well as job opportunities for you.

The characteristic of the accounting is stable. Accounting usually works at the Accounting Department of the company, and working time is office hour (except in special cases such as the accounting period, the report may be part-time). If you are female, this career is considered very stable beside the teaching career. Of course; you also have many more conditions to take care of your family.

The accounting is relatively stable, this doesn’t mean boring or monotonous. You'll still be working in a dynamic environment and challenges. .You can perform accounting maturity in the fiercely competitive environment between the current economic companies; you also give your opinion to your managing board to get more effectiveness.

Accountant's income is getting much higher than in the past. This is a fact and legitimate reason for many of the accounting you can choose. Accountant’s salary can make your life happier and more stable.

Accountants can possibly be trusted by everyone. The successful businessman said: "I can only deep sleep when there is a good chief accountant" The assets of the company which you hold on the page accounting by accounting method that you are trained. When you work on this field well, you will be more reliable for everyone in the company through the accounting numbers that you provide.

To become a good accountant, you should have the following qualities and skills:

- You have penchant for math, good math and favorite numbers.

- You are able to use computer proficiently.

- You are also honest, accurate and careful. You can do the job meticulously; always obey the rules and procedures.

- There is logic high, capable of observation and analysis.

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