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- Students are supplied modern knowledge about business administration (manufacture, business, service) at the factory in our country or foreign country. Students can communicate and deal with office work in international working environment.
- Graduates will have professional knowledge such as company administration, strategy administration, finance administration, production administration, office administration, human source administration, sales administration, e-commerce, international business, marketing research….


- About thinking skill: after graduation, students have good thinking about strategy and decision to adapt to high demand of the organization’s development.

- Personnel skills: after graduation, students can work well, hold encouragement, and direct the staff to exploit maximally ability of people to get the target of the organization.


- After graduation, students majoring in business administration at VTTU can work at all factories, organizations on managing business, researching market, setting up strategy, working at banking which belong to all economic components.

-  Taking part in economic professional competence which students are interested in.

Business becomes the necessity of economy. Business consists of all manufacture branch of the economy. In society, business exists everywhere from small retail to different branches as well as from normal goods to business at kinds of services, etc,.

We should note that business is not a career; it is substance of all of economic branches. With business, you will have a modern, active and high pressure life; however, it is very interesting when standing between endless spin of the economy.

Business is the future of all careers, all society and all economy. Therefore, finding and applying on business work means you are going the right way of general tendency of worldwide, not only in Vietnam economy.

To get success in business, you need to have some qualities and skills below:

-        Knowledge about natural and social, stable business.

-        Be ambitious on getting legitimately enrichment.

-        Creation and changing, general view and strategy orientation.

-        Organization and management ability, confidence, skills on risk remedy

-        Proficiency in foreign languages and information and science.

-        Business morality.

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