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- Training Bachelors is to work in research language and literature, with extensive major knowledge, being able to study by self highly, teaching literature in different degree and working in the field of journalism, publishing, supervising and management of cultural activities, literary and cultural heritage conservation of the nation; being able to participate introducing great culture of the world into Vietnam and the heritage of Vietnamese culture to abroad countries as well as being able to participate directly in the contemporary literature (critic and evaluation and composing contemporary literary works for the press agencies, publishing...)

- Students have the ability to evaluate the value of the literature. In addition, they get basic skills of research and literary criticism. Graduates are able to communicate well and handle the office work in the international working environment.


- Professional skills:

+ Be able to research and compose, evaluate literature independently, be able to communicate and be sensitive to the literature works, be able to apply literature knowledge in other fields such as: newspapers, library, administration, broadcasting...

+ Be able to present and analyze problems, organization and work in groups.

- Tool skills: Be able to use English (communication) in professional activities, information technology application in their professional work.


Graduates at Vo Truong Toan university are able to work in the administrative agencies, organizations in the fields of literature, such as culture and information, libraries, newspapers, radio and television broadcasting, museum and teaching literature at high school (in case of holding additional teaching certificate); journalism, editing at the newspaper offices and publishing; working in the office in the cultural and economic agencies,  working in educational administration agencies such as Department of Education and Training, Faculty of Education and Training...

If you wish to become a journalist in the fields of newspapers and the newspapers online, spoken newspapers; lecturers at universities or high school teachers; the literature research; writer; editor at the publishers; a manager at the culture agencies, social activists in the political organizations, social organizations... then the literature major leads you to your dreams.

If you want to study the classic literature works of the world and Vietnam, to have opportunities to meet the famous writers, poets and distinguished researchers, to have chances are to access new and interesting academic method like Art, to participate in classes on Film makers… then the literature major will offer you chances to experience those things and to be proud of being a literature student.

Job opportunities

Newspaper press 

Every morning, people on this planet will wake up with the familiar question: "What’s new today?” More modern society means that information needs to become one of the urgent needs of people. Information is like food and drinks. Information is necessary for all areas of social life. Journalism was born based on this demand.

The press plays an important role in the world information life. Development prospects of the press are endless; the information needs of people are growing exponentially without any nonstop signals. Accordingly, the demand for journalism labor has also increased considerably in the periods, especially in the current economic market.

Press is currently popular, attracting the attention of the majority of young people. Information is like special and important goods and especially journalism is a highly appreciated career with high promotion. A large number of young people choose journalism as the future path and be eager to accumulate practical skills to have a stable job.

Young people consider journalism is an attractive and stylish way. However, to find a good job in this major, you have to demonstrate writing ability. Therefore, if you make a decision this major in your life in your life, you need to improve skills and find collaborating institutions soon.

Required personalities and skills for employment working in the press:

- Information searching skills: Be interested in the facts and discover the problems, be clever and flexible in receiving and processing information.

- Information transferring skills: Know how to select information and make it lively, interesting, understandable and necessary to the public.

- Have passion for information career.

- Have a good health, movement, clever.

- Always learn to develop a writing style and culture for your own

- In the field of the television or radio: your voice and general appearance are specially required.

Most journalists working in the press agencies such as social media, the printed newspaper, radio, television station in the central and local levels. In addition, they also work at the State management agency on the press as the Press; the Provincial Committee Propaganda Party Committees, District Commissioner, District Party Committee, Department of Journalism; the provincial Department of Culture - Information; or district  Office of Culture and Information.

You can also work in the information room - press agencies, ministries, departments, armed forces or other political organizations - social, media companies or businesses, international organizations, members of the press in the embassy in abroad, etc. You can also become a freelance journalist (meaning you work for your own, not employed by any organizations). This model is well developed in the Western countries.


Currently, editing is not a ‘hot’ job but still attracting the attention of the young. Young people who love writing probably love editing. Those who are looking for a editing job will ask very first questions: How can people become an editor? Will they do their job forever? What can make them remain their job? The answer is, editors work with their writing ability, knowledge and passion, and whether they do the job for a long or short time depends on their ability and passion.

Due to the strict requirements of the knowledge and skills, the editors are forced to make an effort and improve themselves to escape the harsh rejection of the editing job. However, with the editorial profession, you will get valuable things. These things are writer skills, a store of knowledge, and necessary skills needed to survive in your lives. That explains why editing is still a selection of many young people today.

Once someone writes, the editor will edit. The editor reads, thinks, and makes the works easier to the public. They are everywhere: in the daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and publishing, on radio and television agencies, public relations and advertising companies. In developed countries, they also present in other government organizations, schools and businesses. Currently, there is the editor for Websites.

Generally, today, the entire leader in the media agencies recognizes the value of the good editors. The Vietnamese newspaper editors are paid higher than the reporters at the same level. Prestige newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasting and television stations have a common: they all employ good editors. Highly skilled group of editors is one of the most important factors for a powerful media agencies.

The other job opportunities:

- If you have good or excellent academic achievements, if you have passion in studying and want to share your knowledge with other people, you can choose to become a lecturer at university.

- Doing research at Research Institutes: Literature Research Institute and Culture Research Institute ...

- Learning a teaching certification, you have the opportunity to become teachers in high schools nationwide, particularly in local schools.

- Being officials at the cultural and information agencies of city, province, district: Department of Culture, Office of Culture,

- Staff activities: Youth Union Central Committee, the Central Student Association, the local Province union, People's Committees of cities ...

Choosing Literature, you need some personalities and skills requirement as follows:

- Being dynamic, confident, responsible, serious, sociable, ambitious.

- Being interested in writing and be able to write well.

- Have deep thinking, independence and creativeness.

- Have capacity of collecting, processing information, researching, thinking logically and creating

- Always learn to develop for your own a writing style and culture.


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